Arts with Purpose

Leslie Leong is a visual artist focused on recycling and sustainability,  living and working in Whitehorse, Yukon:

   My art practice began in photography and ceramics over 35 years ago. Today I employ a variety of expressive forms often using unorthodox materials, forcing me to adopt non-traditional techniques. This results in a more open-ended process, sending me on a journey of enquiry and exploration.
   I am inquisitive and I have an obsessive drive to create. Currently the result is work that ponders a future in wearable tech, embeddable implants and human augmentation. With technology’s ability to accelerate tasks and production, I am worried by the inability of humans to manage the current pace of life and its extreme excesses.  In reaction, I can often be found rummaging recycling stations and landfill sites for materials to reuse and repurpose into my art forms.
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