My artist CV is attached as a pdf:  2017 CV LeslieLeong

And here are some of the best things happening in my artist-world, from awards, exhibitions, gallery representation and other accolades:

The Arctic Circle Residency, June 2018.

…on a tall ship exploring the waters around Svalbard, Norway. An incredible experience with 30 artists and 13 crew observing glaciers calving, icebergs, walrus, polar bears, blue whales, and bird life in the non-stop daylight at 80 degrees North. A gallery of images is coming soon.  An article with a couple of my photos is in The Guardian, by ship fellow, Rowan Moore; read it here. And check out the program here: http://thearcticcircle.org/program/


Yukon Tourism Banner Art: Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Hanging throughout Yukon, the Canada 150th Anniversary Tourism banner was replicated from Leslie Leong’s original artwork: a linocut, 15×29 inches, printed with oil based ink, hand coloured with watercolour paint. The banner illustrates Yukon’s unique identity while recognizing its unity with, and contribution to, the rest of the country.

Check out more here for photos of the making of the artwork and the final banners in place.

Media Coverage: CKRW news / RUSH 96.1 FM  and  Yukon Government Press Release

SubARCCtic V Spring Residency 2017:

Leslie Leong orchestrated a two-week community art-build project in Yellowknife, NWT through the Yellowknife Artist Run Community Centre’s SubARCCtic V residency. Built from construction site 2×4″ off-cuts and reject lumber, a Great Slave Lake creature, named Ascuvus, has become part of the permanent collection of the Northern Frontier Visitors Association. The design and build involved two local schools, residents, tourists and contributing businesses – wow, Yellowknife is so awesome and generous!

Check out more here for a discussion of process and design, the completed sculpture and photos during the art-build project.

Media Coverage: My Yellowknife Now / 100.1 Moose FM and the  Yellowknifer

Winner of Cover Art Competition for Arts North Of Ordinary 2016/17 season:

Arts North of Ordinary Annual Cover winner: Original Mixed media artwork using recycled computer boards and reclaimed wood by Leslie Leong, Canadian artist, Whitehorse, Yukon.Leslie Leong’s piece “Do Trees Have Memory at Midnight” won the Arts North of Ordinary Cover Competition for the 2016/17 season. Tara McCarthy wrote great article inside and you can read it here.

HRH Kate, Duchess of Cambridge receives Klondike Core necklace:

During Their Royal Highnesses’ tour of Canada, HRH Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge graciously accepted a gift of my Klondike Core necklace and shook my hand in Carcross, Yukon. See photos of the event are here, and the follow-up thank-you letter here. Since the core sample is actually a slice of Yukon bedrock, I felt it was the best souvenir I could possibly give to HRH Duchess of Cambridge.

If you want a necklace like hers, you can find it in my on-line store.

“Milk Maid” is presented in opening performance of Junction Artist Residency Gala Fashion Show.

ball gown made of recycled milk jugs by Leslie Leong

The ball gown made from recycled milk jugs, is part of the opening performance of the Junction Artist Residency Gala Fashion Show in Haines Junction, Yukon. The gown was made during the summer artist residence workshop program, “Sewing Through the Landscape.”  More images during the event with model, Lyn Fabio can be found here.

Milk Maid continues to be a feature display at “reDesign: the craft fair” held annually in November, featuring a collection of artisans embracing creative reuse by working with discarded and salvaged materials to make new products.

Beyond Focus: Exhibition of Abstract Photography

Beyond Focus exhibition poster. And exhibition of abstract photography by Leslie Leong, Canadian artist living and working in Whitehorse, Yukon

In this exhibition Leslie brings photography back into her art practice, as it is one of the mediums in which she holds a special skill. She has authored two photography books on the North and provided editorial and stock photos for countless books, magazines and advertising. In this exhibition, Leslie’s fascination with contrast, texture, pattern and form is evident.

You can view the Beyond Focus Exhibition on-line.

Created at the Canyon: plein air and exhibition

For two consecutive years Leslie was selected as one of the five demonstrating and exhibiting artists for the weekend en plein air event, Created in the Canyon and subsequent exhibition. One year Leslie created paper vessels and the other year, linocut prints.

You can view the resulting paper vessels as well as others on-line. And her linocut prints and more are also on-line.

Insidious: multi-disciplinary exhibition explores the insidious nature of technology

Insidious: Exhibition Poster - Leslie Leong, Canadian Artist, Whitehorse, Yukon“As a torrent of bits and bytes reshapes the world around us, I wonder if we are awake or caught in a dream that could become a nightmare. Are we lucid enough to control this emerging technological force, or – for the sake of convenience and amusement – will we happily drown in a sea of bots, apps and lolcats?”

You can view the Insidious Exhibition on-line.

Media Coverage:  What’s Up Yukon

Metal-Stone-Clay: an exhibition of natural textures represented in ceramics and metalsmith work

Metal Stone Clay“My process begins with open creative play and experimentation. I explore texture in the natural world, often through photography. A cloud of textural ideas develops in my subconscious mind. When I sit down to create, months, years later, it comes back to me in my art forms.”

You can view the Metal-Stone-Clay Exhibition on-line.

Media Coverage: Yukon News

Shift: rethinking materials for use in many art forms

06a Shift“Shift” named for it’s altered perspective on materials, reflection on the state of our society, the rethinking of stuff and our throw-away society, the remaking, reuse and recycling of stuff into art pieces that have a lasting quality in counter-action to designed obsolescence in today’s manufactured goods.

Rather than confining her creativity to any one medium, Leslie lets the material determine the medium, mixing of the technical with the creative in a variety of forms and media. From industrial design, or rather re-design, to abstract photographs, to jewellery using alternative materials, this exhibit may open minds to alternate possibilities.

You can view the Shift Exhibition on-line.

Media Coverage: Yukon News and What’s Up Yukon

Blood-letting: a rite of purification / Mixed media installation

Blood-letting Exhibition Poster - Mixed media by Leslie Leong, Canadian Artist, Whitehorse, Yukon

Blood-letting, a ceremonial act with the intent of creating a higher degree of consciousness.
“I am tired of us behaving like good little citizens in our industrialized society like cogs in a mechanized apparatus. I want people to think, to question, to live consciously. If nothing changes, then at least we have actively chosen the way things are, and we can only blame ourselves and the choices we make.
I suspect that if people truly question things, and make intentional choices, then they will be unable to live their lives in the same manner. They will become discontent with the status quo, be invigorated by what is possible, and work towards achieving that.

Inspired by the visual impact of “Flagellation Wall” by Austrian avant-garde artist, Herman Nitsch, the blood background expresses how I often feel about the world we, as humans, have created. It is the “blood of us” in sacrifice, to purge our human imperfections, and the pain and suffering they cause. In self-sacrifice, I have incorporated blood from my own veins into the background of each piece. It is an offering. The exhibit is an offering and a prayer for humanity to wake up and take note of what results from our menial, daily actions that we assume have no impact on the greater whole of humanity, of spirit, of creation, of the All.”

You can view the Blood-letting Exhibition on-line.

Media Coverage: Whats Up Yukon and Yukon News

Various Other Media Coverage:

Crafty Types Take Trash, Make Treasures, Yukon News.

Zero Heroes, Zero Waste Yukon

Creative Collaboration, Yukon News

Visual Words Get Political at Arts Underground, Yukon News

Wide Ranging Photographer Captures Both Hemispheres, Yukon News

Gallery Representation:

Just Imajan Art Gallery, Cochrane, Alberta

Down to Earth Gallery, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Yukon Artists at Work, Whitehorse, Yukon

Arts Underground, Whitehorse, Yukon

My On-line Store

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